Forum Thread: What do you go to Craft Shows For?

What do you shop for when you go to craft shows? I would love to know what it is you look for. Is it gifts for others? A bargain?
Something unique you can't get at the mall?

I go to see the creativity of others. I am always looking for hand painted items like cups glasses and other things. My true weakness though is pottery and hand cut gem stones. I can loose money quick if either of these items are at a craft show. I also look for gifts for others if I see something completely unique that would fit one of my family members.

So tell me what do you go for?

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I actually don't know about many craft shows. How do you find out about them? Are they generally open to the public, even if you don't have anything to sell?

You can usually find them listed in your local paper or by doing a search on the internet. If you don't have anything to sell of course craftsmen are always looking for buyers. Most are free to attend as a buyer some do charge a fee to get in or parking.

As a seller most have a fee some are juried some are not. You usually have to fill out a form to attend as a seller. This is not anything a regular person would have to do. You just go and enjoy looking at what others create and hopefully find something to buy.

Thanks for your answer! Are there any good resources online for craft shows? I'm curious now to check some out.

Simply do a search online for your area. A list should come up of craft shows and dates. High schools also usually have a few.

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