Forum Thread: What Makes You Buy Bath Products

As our senses are so strong, touch,smell and sight I often wonder what makes some buy a certain soap or body lotion. For the most part I find that it seems to be scent then feel of the product. A rich creamy feeling that soaks in and stays on long seems to be very favorable. Scent on the other hand is personal and ranges a lot. Most of the scents I sell are either a natural or fresh scent or something a bit sweet like black cherry life savers.

what scents do you like? Is it only scent or something else that makes you like a product? Tell me why you like that smell or feel I am often surprised to find what it is and would love to have you all share.

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I already make soap the question was to get an idea of what others like. I do custom cosmetics, bath and body items.

I could not open the links.

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